WSJ, “We Are Not The World”

Today, the Wall Street Journal released an article, the Saturday Essay entitled “We Are Not The World.” The article was enlightening in that it offered a different perspective into today’s political shifts. Typically in today’s world, major news sources have such opinionated material it becomes arduous to try and get the real facts. It’s so different from the news that was released during Hillary Clinton’s campaign, where the reader sort of had to dig deeper when reading the news because one couldn’t be sure if the information given was legitimate or written to sound legitimate.

The article speaks on the growth of new ideas in globalism and nationalism. From both sides of the political spectrum, it seems that figures in politics such as Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen of France, whose ideas are concerned with anti-immigrant Nationalist agendas, are clearing the path for a new and different look on today’s politics. It is surprising for me to read something like this and comprehend that more citizens of major countries are moving towards a nationalist theme of mind and seemingly away from government hand-outs and illegal immigrants. It’s the question of tolerance that more people are becoming tired of.

At least for me, I am not someone who wants to read every news article in a liberal perspective and have to come up with my own idea of what a conservative would think on the subject. Therefore, this was an interesting read for me and unexpected in that it spoke of and explained how ideas such as these are actually getting more growth than most people would like to admit.


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