Reality Check: Election Woes

Problems with today’s politics are not so much the politics themselves, but the responses from the public. It’s not that Trump has actually done anything to cause so much hatred when people so much as think about him, because get real, he has done nothing.

And even if you think something he tweeted ten minutes ago or a misconstrued comment he made ten years ago is anything concrete about how he will be as a president, I would like to advise you to take a chill pill.

If Hillary had won, I highly doubt Republicans or the extreme right would be marching in the streets and parading “for the Constitution” (because we all know how Constitutional a Hillary Clinton presidency would be). My point, is that if the tantrums being thrown are apparently about protecting morals in the current United States, it might be a good idea to actually take a second and look at the current state of morals in this country.

Maybe if we are known by other countries to have been so behind in our track towards gay rights and abortion, then that may have been what defined our moral standpoint as one nation who never followed the patterns or laws of another. The point of the creation of the United States was so that one people could be a civilization unlike any other before it. Our goal was never to have the same moral compass like other major countries.

If Trump is suggesting to take us a step back to a time where our country was actually at peace (as foreign as that sounds), then I don’t care how traditional or old-fashioned that makes us look. If it brings this country to a time where we can be proud of ourselves for actually having reputable intentions, then these protesters and rioters will be insignificant if we just step aside and let God lead us where we undoubtedly will get to if we just let him do his job.

So these people can get a life or go somewhere else to voice their opinion of the US, because we are on a road God has put us on for a reason, whether we like it or not.


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