New Tennessee Bill

The state of Tennessee has just passed a bill making it legal to injure protestors who are blocking traffic. The bill was introduced a week ago and easily passed in the Senate, while it gives civil liability to a driver who runs over a protester blocking the roadway as long as the driver exercised ‘due care.’

According to CSC Media Groups, the most likely cause for the bill was probably because of a Black Lives Matter rally that took place in Memphis last July. The protest was so large and disruptive to the public that it shut down the I-40 bridge and completely blocked traffic. The rally prevented a family from getting through traffic to a nearby hospital where their baby needed medical attention. A paramedic had to cut through traffic on the other side of the freeway to get to the baby and take it themselves 25 minutes out of the way to the nearby hospital.

Tennessee is the first in a string of states to take action concerning the protests. Minnesota, Indiana, Iowa, and North Dakota have also announced recently that they were considering measures similar to that of the Tennessee bill. Even a Washington lawmaker has introduced legislation that would label “economic terrorism” a class-C felony. These reports are coming at a time when the country is at a tense point in politics.

Those protesting feel that they are making a point and causing the public to stop and look at what they are doing. Though they are gaining the public’s attention, it’s probably not for the reasons they hope. People are getting frustrated by these protestors who think they have a significant voice and people will hear them outright, even though the only way most people view them from these events is how disruptive and ugly they are being to public property and damage done. I, for one, may feel compelled to stand up for what I believe and defend my rights, but I would never think about getting involved with these protestors because of the horrible things they do and encourage. They are creating a more tense environment for Americans because of their so called rights.

These obnoxious protesters and their protests think they are doing the United States good by marching the streets. They believe that they have a greater chance of being heard and understood now that they are getting more attention. But what they do not understand is that the public views them as hypocritical and egotistical left-wingers. People who cannot seem to think on a different level and look to what other people might believe could be true. But no, if there’s something they don’t agree with, by all means there should be a protest.

This is such a waste of time and energy. What people in their right minds think that it is beneficial to the public to take time off work and away from their families to march the streets for a small issue that really only gained momentum because these same people raised a fuss for something that wasn’t their problem to begin with? In regards to the present political standing of the United States, why not try to wait and see if Trump or whoever actually does something horrendous and against the beliefs of this country to take action instead of prematurely assuming that the US is at its own funeral.


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