End of Semester Ponderings

Finishing this semester’s largest and most defining projects is one of the most relieving feelings. In my case, it was in the form of presentations and a final paper which catapulted my mind into full-blown school and thinking mode (or otherwise known by me as a strong and prolonged moment of scholarly manipulation of the brain and conscious thought) for the last few weeks.

Even though there is usually substantial time given to work on studies at the end of the semester, there is always stress leading up to the due date. This year is my first to experience this sort of unrelaxed and tense feeling on a regular basis in terms of assignments and schoolwork.

Being homeschooled through high school, there was hardly a push for strict due dates. In my experience, assignments were always completed with intent to turn them in as soon as possible, but due dates were more likely than not suggestions most of the time. But starting college has sprung a new sense of accomplishment in me. Every small assignment turned in earns an immediate response of relief in my mind. Although a want to do well in school has always been in me, it’s a different feeling of completion when turning in assignments in college because every small thing is building towards something greater that is supposed to ultimately prepare for a life after college and beginning career.

Finishing this second semester is, again, a feeling of relief that I hope to have all summer long. Beginning the next semester in the Fall will continue to be challenging but will mark a fresh beginning to a new year and new challenges.


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