5 Movies/TV Shows to Watch While Doing Homework

When doing homework or finishing assignments, it can be beneficial to have noise in the background to help focus and have the occasional distraction. Some people prefer music or tv to help them focus while working, so I’ve compiled a list of five movies and shows that I find useful when I do homework. All but one of these are available to stream on Netflix or free to watch on Amazon.

5.  Pride and Prejudice

The 2005 film version often helps me focus or fall asleep because of the music and the low volume throughout the movie. If you’re someone who has listened to classical music to try and focus, then Pride and Prejudice might be useful. Predominantly the whole movie is piano in the background and the voices are very quiet. Unless you’re actually watching the movie, it’d be easy to watch in the background and forget it’s playing.

4.  iCarly

If you’re someone like me who grew up watching the early 2000s Disney shows like Lizzie McGuire and That’s So Raven, then you may have also been obsessed with iCarly on Nickelodeon. Watching the reruns and realizing you can quote every episode word for word makes it a show that is good for background noise while doing homework and even falling asleep to at times when kept at a really low volume. Even if you aren’t completely familiar with the show, it’s easy to keep playing at a low volume in the background. This show is free to watch on Amazon.com.

3.  I Love Lucy

I will not dumb it down and deny the fact that this is one of the greatest shows of all time, if not the greatest. I’ve watched this show from beginning to end so many times I might be able to quote every episode word for word. But even if you’re not familiar with this 1950s tv show, it’s exceptionally easy to keep this in the background while working or doing homework. In my opinion, the voices tend to blend together, especially in the later seasons. This makes it easier to listen vaguely at a low volume. I put this as #3 on my list predominantly because when I watch it I often want to stop what I’m doing and watch it. But if you’re someone with great self control then I think it’s pretty good for background noise.

2.  The Dick Van Dyke Show

If you’re familiar with I Love Lucy or any other classic 1950s tv shows, then you might be familiar with this show. Similar to I Love Lucy, I love this show and love to watch it for entertainment, but it’s also easy to keep as background noise. I find the voices to kind of blend in when not directly paying attention to it. There was a time when netflix got rid of it which was super annoying to be honest. But it’s been back on for a while and is probably streaming 80% of the time my laptop is open.

1. Any Disney Movie

In my opinion, almost any Disney movie would serve well for this purpose. Since the average person would probably know the words and plot to a good amount of Disney movies, they are beneficial to serve as background noise. The old Disney movies such as The Lion King and Finding Nemo probably don’t require much paying attention to if used for simply noise unless you are actually sitting down to watch it.


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