US Open Golf Drama

If you keep up with professional golf, you are most likely aware of the US Open which just went down. Brooks Koepka won with a record tying score at the end of the fourth round and became the seventh champion in a row to win a major for the first time. But the real news I want to talk about is the drama behind Rory Mcilroy.

Rory Mcilroy has been called out by Steve Elkington, a former major champion, on twitter. After Mcilroy missed the cut (with rather embarrassingly high scores), Elkington took to twitter to say, “Rory is so bored playing golf…without Tiger the threshold is prolly 4 majors with 100mill in bank.” Rory responded with a curt statement saying it’s more likely “200mil,” and a screenshot of his wikipedia page listing the bulk of his notable achievements.

In one sense, I think Rory should be defended or keep with his own business and defend himself like he has been doing. It was also kinda dumb of Elkington to put a number out there like $100 million in earnings when anyone who was keeping up with Rory a few years ago while he was playing well, would know that Rory had signed an endorsement deal with Nike for well beyond that amount.

But I moreso agree with Elkington. He has a point. Rory has not played well since Tiger Woods has been off the Tour. But (sort of) in Rory’s defense, his slow decrease in consistent play has been going down well before Tiger’s break from golf. He was going to have this dull break in his career sooner or later regardless of whether Tiger was on tour.

Sure, a player plays better when they see their respected competition. But that just shows what kind of a player Mcilroy is. When Tiger was playing at his peak, it didn’t exactly look like he cared who was his competition in the field. He was going to play to win no matter what. Rory Mcilroy seems to only want to win when the best of the field is playing. The public looks at Rory’s performances in major championships; it’s as though he doesn’t exist in regular tour events. Or the field just doesn’t see him as an aggressive competitor in those events.

Many of those who watch golf count Rory as a threat to any field he plays, but in all honesty, he only has thirteen tour wins on the PGA Tour and four majors. That statistic is impressive to the average tour player and viewer, but not comparable to a great like Tiger Woods (who has 79 wins in total of his career). If Rory is chasing Tiger, I think he needs to start getting serious about winning more regardless of the field and level of the tournament.


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